Full Service Package:

If a customer is new, or uncertain about his / her ability, we offer the full service package. This includes a complete unburdening package. After placing the invoice, we place the machine (s) at your location and provide detailed operating, maintenance and adjustment instructions. During the warranty period of the machine there are no additional costs, unless the cause of a defect / malfunction lies with the user. The customer benefits from a free telephone help desk and can claim support up to 4 times for machine and / or process-related matters. We also come by once a year to check the machine and, if necessary, adjust it again. Any replacement of parts is then free of charge, provided there are no user errors or negligence.

Vragen / Questions?

Support, maintenance, repair and training:

For support, training and education, we charge € 65.00 per hour to customers and will mainly take place at the customer location for a kilometer allowance of € 0.45 per kilometer driven (return). Telephone and Remote PC support (through TeamViewer) is purchased and charged per 15 minutes at a rate of € 18.75. Any overnight costs are charged to the client one-on-one. Training and support for operating and maintaining the machine is, in the case of a full service package, included in the purchase price of the machine (s) in accordance with the applicable conditions as described in this document.