VORTEX EMBROIDERY MACHINES introduces a unique sales concept: The Box Deal. The box deal is intended for the experienced embroiderer. Based on the thought “Why would you pay more if you already know exactly how to operate and maintain a machine?” We believe that our customers may be rewarded for their already available knowledge of the machine(s). With a Box Deal there are two options: after paying the invoice, you pick up the machine(s) at our office in Vianen, Utrecht and you receive a brief but dedicated instruction on how to use your new machine, after which you transport the machine yourself. The advantage of this option is that the machine is completely unpacked, threaded, adjusted and calibrated. You will therefore receive the machine turn-key and after placing it at your own location you can get started right away. The second option is: you arrange transport of the crate in which the machine is in our warehouse and you are responsible for unpacking the machine.

In both situations you enjoy the full factory warranty during the warranty period, but all time spend and kilometers needed to support you are billed to you afterwards. The costs for the replacement parts are free of charge unless the cause is a user error. Costs and other reimbursements are set out in the last paragraph of this notice.

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Support, maintenance, repair and training:

For support, training and education, we charge € 65.00 per hour to customers and will mainly take place at the customer location for a kilometer allowance of € 0.45 per kilometer driven (return). Telephone and Remote PC support (through TeamViewer) is purchased and charged per 15 minutes at a rate of € 18.75. Any overnight costs are charged to the client one-on-one. Training and support for operating and maintaining the machine is, in the case of a full service package, included in the purchase price of the machine (s) in accordance with the applicable conditions as described in this document.